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Six traits you need to succeed at the top

Research from Right Management and Tucker International indicates six essential competencies are required for leadership success. They are: adapting socially, demonstrating creativity, having an even disposition, respecting beliefs of others, instilling trust, and navigating ambiguity.


Make your own festive moments

If you rang in the New Year with champagne, don't stop there. Tech expert Nilofer Merchant keeps champagne splits (small bottles that fill two glasses) in her fridge so that when something good happens on any day, she and her husband can celebrate.


Don't make staff wait for proper pay

Employees are resilient, tolerating lack of communication and policy reversals at work, but the one thing they won't stand for, human resources consultant Sharlyn Lauby says, is an error on their pay cheque. If that happens, fix it immediately – don't make them wait until the next payday. HR Bartender


If meetings end early, it's bonus time

Consultant Art Petty says not every meeting needs to beget another meeting – he checked the rule book. He also found there's no rule requiring a meeting to run its allotted time; if you finish early, that's found time for everyone. ArtPetty.Com


Stabilize your iPad for online meetings

If you use your iPad for Face Time or Skype meetings, tech writer Aseem Kishore recommends the Book Arc stand for it. You can arrange the stand to not tilt slightly upward or downward, so you can be seen directly.