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Don't allow people who turn up late to disrupt the rhythm of your meetings.iStockphoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Running decisive meetings is a key skill that cuts down on time wasting, and not letting chronic latecomers disrupt your rhythm is a good place to start, says Harvard Business Review.

No matter how well you've prepared your meeting, things will go wrong. One of the more common disruptions is attendees showing up late.

If people belatedly walk in, try these three things:

Don't recap

Resist the temptation to help latecomers catch up. Keep moving forward. You can update them afterward.

Assign a job

If you think someone might be late, give them something to do during the meeting. If they have a job to do, they're more likely to show up on time.

Walk him there

Accompany a chronic latecomer get to the meeting. Stop by his desk at the appointed time and ask if you can walk together.

Today's management tip was adapted from the book, Guide to Making Every Meeting Matter.