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Say it with Stickies: Office humour to-do listRebecca Grabill/Getty Images/iStockphoto

People are always looking at whether their job is the right one for them. And the past year was no exception. The most popular stories on Globe Careers were those they gave you news you could use as you chart your own unique career path.

Here are the top 10 Career stories from 2012.

People love lists. And we like to know which companies are worth working for.

List of Canada's top 100 employers for 2013

We also like a little humour to lighten up our work life.

This year's 10 best excuses for calling in sick

And Globe Reader responses to that story were even funnier.

'I can't come to work today. My dog ate my thong.'

We all covet a cool office. I know I do.

Take a tour of Google's new Toronto office

Everyone has an opinion about customer service.

Two words you should never say to an irate customer

Most reader responses to that story were unprintable, but here are the few that were.

Don't say this to an irate customer, either

Stories about retiring, or not retiring, are always popular

Is 75 the new 65?

How to deal with the stress of work and life are key to everyone's life.

Canada's work-life balance more off-kilter than ever

Our state of mind at work continues to rise in importance.

Taking a measure of mental health in the workplace

How young workers are managing in this difficult economy is also a priority.

Underemployment driving 'excessive' anxiety among young workers