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Have you ever been fired? How was it done? Was it a quiet affair, done with respect? Or were you hauled out of your office and tossed out on your ear by the company's security staff? Did your cellphone and computer get confiscated?

Or were you the one doing the firing? Did you lose your temper? Finally get fed up with a disruptive and unproductive employee and tell the person to take a hike? Did you send a nasty e-mail or just change their security pass so they couldn't get into the building?

Earlier this week, AOL chief executive officer Tim Armstrong sent a note to employees apologizing for publicly and unceremoniously firing a creative director at the company who was using a camera during a confidential company conference call. On the conference call with about 1,000 employees he barely missed a beat between telling the employee to put down the camera and firing him.

Tell Globe Careers below how you were fired, or how you did the firing, but please keep company names private. We'll share the best of the best next week.

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