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Journalist Michael Sebastian reports that the 10 most useless buzzwords, according to PR Daily readers, are: game changer, at the end of the day, solution, YOLO ("you only live once"), epic, low-hanging fruit, really, value-add, impactful and utilize.

Don't leave a message. I'm not listening

Listening to people drone on in voice-mail messages is a waste of time, especially when you have to replay them, argues Inc. columnist Geoffrey James. He suggests that in your own phone message, you explain to callers that you do not listen to voice mail and supply them with an e-mail address to write to you instead.

Smart leaders really don't sweat small stuff

Stupid leaders overreact to small screw-ups, says Pennsylvania-based leadership trainer Dan Rockwell. For example, don't call a departmental meeting just because someone plugged a cable into the wrong place. And remember that one person's mistake isn't everybody's. Leadership Freak blog

Fat cats on the road? More like modest mice

The restaurant in the United States that is most cited on expense accounts is Starbucks, with bills averaging $7.54 (U.S.), according to the travel and expense-management firm Certify. Next most popular was McDonald's ($6.73), followed by Subway ($11.83).

So many platforms, so much to organize

Do you like to make lists, set deadlines and check things off? Wunderlist is a free, simple, and neatly designed task management list that will synchronize your activities across various platforms, including PCs, android devices, iPhone and iPad.

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