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Look at your business, and focus on those things you want more of.Olivier Le Moal/Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Consultant Michael Josephson starts ethics initiatives in client companies with this focusing question: "Look at your organization today – its managers, line employees, customers – and list behaviours and attitudes you'd like to see more of, and less of."

Putting lessons for decision making

Consultant Tim Milburn says when he's making a putt in golf, he tries to get the ball as close to the cup as possible on his first stroke. Follow that philosophy in decision making, since every decision falls on the heels of previous ones.

Make sure landing page has call to action

Marketer Rachel Kim says the Web pages that prospects land on after being lured to your website will fail if there is an unclear call to action, or too much content hinders them from getting to the call to action. SmallBusinessCEO Blog

Keep laughing, keep motivated

Motivational expert Heidi Grant Halvorson fights stress and keeps herself happy during the work day by taking small humour breaks, using You Tube, Twitter and other aspects of the easily accessible Web to find something to laugh about.

Protect time spent on 'autocorrect'

You can protect the time invested in creating "autocorrecrt" rules to fix your common typing errors in Microsoft Word by searching for all files with an ACL extension and DOT extension and then copying them to your storage device. Allen Wyatt's WordTips

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