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Say it with Stickies: Office humour to-do listRebecca Grabill/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Toronto-based consultant Sam Geist adds one hopeful "If only I had time to do" item to his daily plan, focused on developing a new skill or discovering new information, such as reading non-business books of interest. It's intended as a reward: If he gets the other stuff on his to-do list done (which, to his surprise, he often can) he gets to pursue this hoped-for activity. Quick Bites Newsletter

Focusing on good work boosts performance

Research on performance found that when one bowling team was shown videos of their mistakes in previous games, and another group was shown videos of their best performance, both teams improved. But the team that focused on the positive improved twice as much.

What would you ask if you knew to ask it?

When you meet someone new while you're networking, try this provocative question that Pauline Blatchford of White Rock Optometry Clinic in White Rock, B.C., finds helpful: "Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn't know to ask." Darcy Rezac's Positive Networking Tip of the Week

Forget your sales cycle. Track 'buyer's journey'

For leadership consultant Nancy Martini, one of the most important takeaways at the recent Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference in San Francisco is the need for salespeople to shift their attention from their own sales cycle to the so-called "buyer's journey" – focusing, that is, on how buyers buy.

Snappy tips to help snap your windows

AeroSnap is a Windows feature that allows you to open multiple windows and snap them to the left or right of your screen, making tasks easier. You can supplement it with WinMaximizer, suggests tech blogger Fawad Mir; this lets you maximize an active window so that it consumes all the free space left by the other windows.

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