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Another resaon to skip that extra jolt of javaThinkStock

Another reason to skip that extra java jolt

Caffeine is the silent killer of your emotional intelligence, according to psychologist Travis Bradberry. Drinking caffeine triggers the release of adrenalin, source of the "fight or flight" response when facing a threat. "The fight-or-flight mechanism sidesteps rational thinking in favour of a faster response. This is great when a bear is chasing you, but not so great when you're responding to a curt e-mail," he says. TalentSmart Newsletter

Assessing applicants by their manners

When Danny Pecorelli, owner of Exclusive Hotels in the United Kingdom, is looking for new staff, he brings a small group of the top candidates to the lobby of his restaurant, where a server brings in a tea tray. The person who takes the initiative of serving tea to the others wins the job. Donald Cooper Corp. Newsletter

Hard-to-get customers may be the best ones

The easiest customers to get are almost never the best ones, says entrepreneur Seth Godin. It's almost always true that the easier it is to get someone's attention, the less it's worth, he adds. Seth's Blog

An app to turn phones into a reminder service

TellMeLater is a low-priced app available for iPhones and the Blackberry that allows you to schedule a reminder to do something. When the designated time arrives, you can be alerted by e-mail, a direct message from Twitter, or a phone call.

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