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Chief operating officers are becoming less common these days, something consultant Gary Neilson attributes to three factors: the trend toward flatter organizations, the trend away from preanointed successors, and the increasing tendency to split the chairman and CEO roles, which frees the CEO to focus more on operations.

Don't forget to look after yourself

The golden rule of self-leadership, according to consultant Jon Mertz: "What you do for others, you should do for yourself." If you encourage people to take vacations or spend time with family, adopt similar self-care. He adds another self-leadership dictum: Control yourself before others, including not dominating conversations.

Faced with fear, make a choice

Often we feel trapped, with no solution for a situation other than what we fear. But entrepreneur Seth Godin says we are generally unhappy with the short-term consequences of choosing. "Make the choice, own the outcome, and you can start in a new place," he says. Seth's Blog

Cut yourself slack when you need to

Sometimes you're aware your A-game isn't there – it's an off-day or off-week. Consultant Paul LaRue says set aside your pride and let your team or boss know. Dig within yourself to do your best, but also cut yourself some slack. And consider taking a day or two off, to refresh. The Upwards Leader

Turn your tablet into a sketch pad

Bamboo Paper turns your tablet into a sketchbook, in which you can choose from four styles: Visual thinking, note-taking, journal entries, or art creation. The maker, Wacom, also has a variety of styluses to improve the experience.

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