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The pause that refreshes your audience

If you want to dazzle a crowd like former U.S. president Bill Clinton did at the Democratic convention, presentations specialist Sam Harrison says you need to learn to pause and take advantage of dead air in mid-sentence – even several times in a sentence – as Mr. Clinton did, so your message sticks. Remember that your facial expressions can dramatically accentuate your words so don't be deadpan.

It's not what you know that will land you the job

HR consultant Sharlyn Lauby says her first job in the field was based on what she knew, but every job offer afterward came because of who she knew. HR Bartender Blog

Under the microscope? Then spell out your plan

If you work for a micro-manager, Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, says you should tell him or her what you plan to do; then do what you said you would do; and then, if anything changes, be the first one to tell the boss.

Get the big picture, banish the little ones

Try working in full-screen mode when writing on your computer. This will wipe away all the distractions of the task bar or other programs, advises blogger Leo Babauta. It will be just you and your words. Zen Habits