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Board Games is The Globe and Mail's annual corporate governance rankings. Find this year's rankings table here and the full Board Games 2012 website here.


In Canada, there are no requirements for private sector boards to hire women as directors. Women account for about 10 per cent of directors on boards of publicly traded companies.

Other countries -- including Norway, Spain, France and Italy -- have adopted some form of quota requirements for corporate boards, and are seeing good results.

(Find a slide show of global initiatives to increase the number of women on boards here.)

Should Canada follow suit?

Monday at noon (ET), Globe and Mail business reporter Janet McFarland, lead writer for the Globe's annual Board Games report, joins three experts in corporate governance in a live chat about the diversity issues facing Canadian board rooms: Beatrix Dart, Deborah Gillis and Phyllis Yaffe.

Ms. Dart is executive director of the Initiative for Women in Business at the University of Toronto and a director of Ellis Don.

Ms. Gillis is chief operating officer of advocacy group Catalyst.

Ms. Yaffe is chair of the board of Cineplex Entertainment and a member of the Torstar board.

If you have a question for the panel leave it in the comments section, or join us live on Monday at noon.

Mobile users can join the event here.

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