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As the season of joy ebbs, keep it going at work. Toronto consultant Donald Cooper advises you to keep in mind that joy begins with you. Hire joyful people and create rituals of joy – contests, celebrations, rewards, events and activities throughout the year that energize, uplift and encourage. Donald Cooper Corp. Newsletter

Revisit resolutions to stay on track

Toronto consultant Susan Pons suggests you create four New Years in 2015 – four fresh starts – checking at intervals to evaluate progress on your resolutions. Each time, consider whether the goals need to be modified or new objectives set, and how best to implement them sensibly.

Bad peer review? Blame an introvert

Research indicates in peer evaluations for bonuses and raises introverts consistently rate extroverted colleagues as worse performers, and were less likely to give them credit for work or support them for advancement. "The magnitude with which introverts underrated performance of extroverts was surprising," says Oregon State University's Keith Leavitt. Business News Daily

Hold the quirkiness in your Twitter bio

If you're all dressed up for the Twitter party and nobody is talking to you, business coach Mallie Rydzik says your bio may be too playful – confusing, rather than informative. Let your clients know what you do in a way that lets your brand shine through while limiting self-promotion.

Manage key contacts using social media

Networking expert Keith Ferrazzi recommends Triggerfox to help manage your contacts with supplemental information from social media, giving you extra chances to stay top-of-mind with your key contacts. It will even send handwritten notes that you've composed to those individuals. LinkedIn

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