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When an employee makes a serious mistake, consultant Alison Green recommends finding out how it happened and what is being done to ensure it doesn't reoccur. Pay attention to how seriously the individual takes the mistake – and if it's part of a larger pattern, address that larger issue. The Fast Track Blog

Exceed expectations as a rule

Even when his job was as a gofer, Jeffrey Katzenberg – now CEO of DreamWorks Animation – tried to do a little bit better than he was expected to do, and today he still tries to think of how to exceed expectations, whether in meetings with others or his movies. Fortune

Actions speak louder than marketing words

Entrepreneur Seth Godin says marketing used to be what you say. But today marketing is what you do – what you make and how you act, including the choices you make when you are sure nobody is looking. Seth's Blog

Curiosity, the third important quotient

University College London Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic says IQ and EQ are important in a world of complexity, but don't forget CQ, curiosity quotient – a hungry mind – which is probably just as important. Individuals with higher CQ are more tolerant of ambiguity and eager to gain knowledge. Harvard Business Review Blogs

Restore your Windows start button

To get a proper start button for Windows 8.1, similar to what you treasured in the past with earlier editions of the software, try an app called Classic Shell, which tech writer Nicholas Garcia says isn't as good as versions like XP, but better than nothing.

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