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This is the latest news and information for workers and managers from across the Web universe, brought to you by Monday Morning Manager writer Harvey Schachter. Follow us on Twitter @Globe_Careers or join our Linked In group.

Don't ask for proof when seeking innovation

The two words that kill innovation, according to former Rotman School of Management dean Roger Martin, are: "Prove it." Managers want analytical proof before green-lighting innovations, but while that may be fine for refining an existing system, when creating something new, imagination and experimentation are key. Harvard Business Review Blogs

Sweat the small stuff on your to-do list

Productivity guru David Allen says we traditionally wrote down the big things facing us on a to-do list and left the small things strewn around in our psychic RAM. Instead, we should write the little things on a Total Life To-Do list, freeing our mind to reflect on priorities.

Keep business secrets off your résumé

Google vice-president Laszlo Bock says a big blunder on 5 to 10 per cent of résumés is candidates revealing confidential information, like the consultant who talked of working with a major software company in Redmond, Wash. – obviously Microsoft. They won't get hired by him, to protect his company's trade secrets. LinkedIn

Lean, don't sit, in futuristic office

An office of the future designed in Amsterdam goes beyond standing desks (and, of course, chairs). Employees lean against giant rock-like sculptures and keep moving around the room, with the result that they are more mentally alert but physically tired at the end of the day.

A low battery needn't stop alerts

To get alerts when your laptop battery is low, go to Control Panel/Hardware and then Sound/Power/Edit Plan Settings, selecting a power plan to edit. Scroll to the battery option and enable an audio alert for when the battery reaches critical level and for when it is merely low.

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