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Don't overload Web visitors with choices

On website landing pages, avoid buttons that ask too much of visitors. Consultant Michael Mothner tested four submit buttons: "Free Consultation," "Submit," "Next," and "Get Started." Next and Submit drew the top responses, while free consultation was the worst.


Weigh customer's mood before you speak

When you're dealing with customers who are frustrated, rushed or stressed, customer service consultant Jeff Mowatt warns against beginning the conversation with a bromide such as "How are you?" Jeff Mowatt's e-newsletter


What not to say: Two easy examples

The don'ts of conversation: Don't interrupt (including saying "that reminds me …") and don't engage in one-upping. Letter To A New Manager blog


Printing too much? Delete the invisibles

If you print a Word document and one or two extra pages flow out, the problem is probably caused by empty paragraphs at the end of the document. Hit Ctr+End to flip to the end of your document, then press the backspace key until you have deleted all the non-printing characters, including the empty paragraphs. The insertion point should now be located next to the last character you want printed in your document. Allen Wyatt's WordTips