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Justin Bieber performs during the half-time show at the 100th Grey Cup game played in Toronto on Nov. 25, 2012 between the Toronto Argonauts and the Calgary Stampeders.Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

The boos Justin Bieber drew at the Grey Cup are a reminder of the importance in marketing of knowing your audience, says Toronto-based consultant Sam Geist. Teeny boppers love the singer, but they don't attend the Grey Cup, even if organizers might wish they could draw a younger crowd. Look at who your audience is rather than longingly at what you wish it were. Quick Bites newsletter

Why job interviews should be sacrosanct

Careers columnist Jim Pawlak says nothing should interrupt an interview you are holding with a job applicant – no calls, no knocks on the door, no e-mail alerts. Remember, the candidates are judging you just as you are judging them. Worcester Telegram Gazette

Don't try to manipulate others' expectations

It's not uncommon for people to manage expectations about themselves by keeping them low so they can be exceeded – to over-promise and under-deliver, for example. But consultant Charles Green warns that, over time, this approach destroys your credibility. As well, the people you deal with compensate by trying to counter-balance your expected delivery, ruining your attempt to manage their view of you. Trusted Advisor

If you won't share answers, don't ask questions

Consultant David Zinger suggests that employees be asked to develop the questions to be asked on engagement surveys. Also, he advises managers to never ask a question in such a survey unless they are ready, willing and able to share all responses and act on those responses.

For an in-house Twitter, try Yammer network

Twitter started as a private stream of messages by a small company, Odeo, as a means to keep tabs on what everyone was doing. Yammer is like a private Twitter feed for your company – the original use for the social messages. Inc. columnist Frank Addante says it's a useful tool if all staff sign up and use it to communicate internally.

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