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Emotional intelligence climbs with job titles until middle management, but then declines considerably, research has found. CEOs, on average, have the lowest emotional development scores, but the best CEOs have the highest at that rank. Psychologist Travis Bradberry notes middle managers are chosen because they are good with people while CEOs interact less with staff. TalentSmart Newsletter

Ditch the five-year interview question

"Where do your see yourself in five years?" is a lousy interview question, recruiting specialist Andy LaCivita says, because it's far too distant a time in today's hectic world. Instead ask: "If you were still working here three years from now, what do you think your most significant contribution would be?" LinkedIn

Build pauses into your presentations

After you make a key point in a presentation, pause to make sure the audience has heard and had time to grasp it. Speaking coach Nick Morgan says you should watch the audience's eyes to see your point land and determine when you can move on. Public Words Blog

Top dogs most likely to get a raise

A recent survey by the PayScale compensation firm found 43 per cent of respondents had asked for a pay increase, but only 44 per cent of them got the amount they wanted, with 25 per cent not getting a raise at all. The most likely to get raises were CEOs.

Charge seven devices at the same time

ChargeHub is a seven-port USB charging device that allows you to refresh a couple of tablets and several smartphones simultaneously. It comes in a wide range of colours including boardroom-sober white or black.

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