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Get a jump start on your work weekGetty Images/iStockphoto

The calendar on your desk probably shows the week starting on Sunday. Have you considered shifting your work week to match?

Productivity consultant Mike Vardy suggests on that shifting the start of your work week to Sunday will allow you to get a head start, so that by the time your colleagues arrive on Monday you have things accomplished and organized.

You might even want to talk to your boss and officially change your week to Sunday to Thursday, if your role permits. "You can pitch that Sundays would be very productive for you because of the lack of distractions in the workplace," he says. "Ask if you can try it for a month and see where it leads."

One fringe benefit might be saving on Friday day-care costs, if you have children. And on Sundays, you might be able to vary your work time so you could still fit in important family and social activities.