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Getting enough sleep? Let your body be your guide

Getting enough sleep? Let your body be your guide



Getting enough sleep? Let your body guide you

Are you operating on sufficient sleep? Time management blogger Thanh Pham suggests that you go without using an alarm clock for a week, keeping your bedroom as dark as possible and timing how long you sleep. The average night's sleep in that period is a signal of what your body requires, and what you should organize your life around.

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A telling question for job interviews

When interviewing job applicants, entrepreneur Scott Hintz recommends asking them this question: "Tell me about a problem you identified that other people couldn't see." Their responses might reveal original thinkers, and could also warn you about grandiose whiners. American Express Open Forum


Get out of the office, but don't lose focus

If you have a small group meeting and a coffee shop isn't far away, Craig Changfoot, a manager at B.C.'s Simon Fraser University, recommends gathering there to take a break from the office environment and gain a sense of freedom. But prepare an agenda and take your notebooks.


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Avoid eyestrain with handy freeware

EyeLeo is a free PC app that forces you to take a break from the computer screen and give your eyes a rest. It reminds you to take short and long breaks from working, depending on the time limits you set up, and even suggests activities such as moving your eyes left and right, tightly shutting your eyes, or looking at distant objects. You can allow yourself to skip breaks, or use "strict mode," which won't let you use your computer until the specified time is up.

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