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Give good ideas time to develop
If you get your best ideas in the shower rather than team meetings, consultant Kevin Eikenberry suggests the reason is that ideas need time to incubate. So give people time, by meeting to discuss a problem and then adjourning so they have an evening or weekend to ponder possibilities. Leadership and Learning Blog

Keep subject lines on topic
When an e-mail thread veers into a new topic, information overload expert Nathan Zeldes recommends changing the subject line but retaining a reference to the original, as in – Subject: Recommended router supplier [was: network problem].

Keep late changes to a minimum
If you're tempted to fiddle at the last moment with a presentation, consultant Nick Morgan urges you to be wary. Research shows that under stress we become more optimistic. He believes that's why speakers overestimate the impact of their rushed tweaks, when added impact is minimal and risk of a goof high. Public Words

Keep commitments on schedule
Who will do what by when? That's the standard question at real estate company North American Properties, to the point that when managing partner Mark Toro starts typing the abbreviation WWDWBW, his phone automatically fills it in. The New York Times

Print a different Word document
If you want to print a document you're not currently working on, you can right-click the document's name in Microsoft Word and choose Print from the context menu. Allen Wyatt's WordTips

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