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Reflecting on the leaders she has had in her five years in the work force, 27-year-old Maranda Gibson says the best leaders are the ones who praise while educating. When they talk about what went wrong, they also talk about what went right, thus providing positive reinforcement. Michael


Make messages meaningful: Start with the action

In e-mail, communicate the action steps at the top of an e-mail before going on to summarize the events that led up to it, suggests creative strategist Jocelyn Glei. The99per


How to succeed like a true bureaucrat

Here are six habits of the consummate self-serving bureaucrat, from Ottawa-based consultant David Jones of Ottawa-based Shibumi Management, offered with tongue only somewhat in cheek:

(1) Always put structure before process. (2) The organizational structure is the most important of all. (3) Ensure your budgets are broad and your deliverables vague. (4) Brief brilliantly; duck intelligently. (5) Manage your profile and deniabilities. (6) Remember always whom you serve: You.


Quick way to share video links in e-mails

If you're sharing a video from YouTube with a work colleague (for work purposes, of course), Wall Street Journal columnist Katherine Boehret advises that you can help the person start at exactly the point you prefer by right-clicking on the video and selecting: "Copy video URL at current time." Then paste that URL – using CTR-V – into your e-mail note, and the recipient can begin precisely at that point. The Wall Street Journal

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