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Hated leadership traits we actually love
The outrage by commentators over Donald Trump's bid for the Republican presidential nomination misses a key point illuminated by Stanford University management professor Jeffrey Pfeffer: Mr. Trump embodies leadership qualities people crave but experts abhor: Self-promotion and taking liberty with facts. Fellow candidate Carly Fiorina's inability to admit past failings seems another unfortunately helpful trait.

Make firm deadlines part of the plan
Upstart CEO Dave Girouard is shocked by how many plans and action items come out of meetings without due dates – or if assigned, they are based on half-baked notions about how long the task should take. For items on your critical path, he also suggests asking, "Why can't this be done sooner?"

Interrupt colleagues to spur ideas
Best-selling author Patrick Lencioni says we spend too much time alone, focused on our screens. Change your office so the computer is not the centre of the workspace and don't be afraid to interrupt colleagues fixated on their computers to ask them what they're working on and ignite conversation. Pat's POV

Crooked candidates likely to get hired
A survey of accounting and finance executives given the attributes of two hypothetical candidates suggests they would be more likely to hire and promote the one inclined to manipulate earnings. They also found recruiters not likely to recommend consideration of candidates whose personality indicates an aversion to earnings manipulation. Accounting Today

Track employee morale with an app
The Niko Niko app allows users to swipe across their smartphone screens and indicate their mood. It allows you to track your week's mood and for management to sense when morale is low.

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