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Problem solving
Before trying to solve a problem, executive Tim McCarthy says you should ask: "Who caused the problem and who should solve it?" The Business of Good Foundation

A corporate clean sheet is best
After a corporate spinoff in which the new entity makes a large percentage of sales to the parent, research by Wharton management professor Emilie Feldman found that the presence of common directors – even one joint member – is associated with lower firm performance, perhaps because they put the original company first. Knowledge@Wharton

Ponder every hour
Author Greg McKeown recommends stopping once every hour for a minute to ponder: "Is this the most valuable thing I could be doing right now?" If not, stop. GregMcKeown's e-newsletter

Don't make assumptions in ethical misconduct
When we hear about ethical misconduct, we assume it stems from the person in charge. But research by Vanderbilt management professor Jessica Kennedy suggests an interesting dynamic: High-ranking people are more inclined than lower-ranked people to accept what the group recommends to them, even when it involves an ethical breach.

How to utilize Apple Mail's many functions
Apple Mail's built-in search tool lets you search by content and name, of course, but you can also use keywords such as from, to, yesterday, last week, flagged, or even the name of a month to find out what you received then. ComputerWorld

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