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Dumping toxic workers pays off

Research by Kellogg School of Management professor Dylan Minor and talent management executive Michael Housman looking at hourly workers found that hiring a superstar – a rare top performer – brings an extra $5,300 (U.S.) in added value, while replacing a toxic employee with an average one gains $12,800. – Kellogg Insight

Support people to build trust

Consultant Michael Lee Stallard recommends learning from former baseball manager Joe Torre, who was cherished by his players because he always had their backs, not adding pressure if things weren't going well. Managers should help, rather than attack, employees whose attention is diverted by a family matter or other issue outside work. –

Severance deals do have benefits

The public dislikes the quarterly focus on earnings by top executives and the huge payouts they get after leaving office. But a study finds that CEOs with severance agreements are less inclined to opportunistic management – they're about 25 per cent less likely to cut R&D spending to meet quarterly financial demands. – The Accounting Review

Gauging emotional intelligence

To test a job candidate's emotional intelligence, blogger Robert Locke recommends asking the following questions: How do you cope with failure? Describe a work situation where you were involved in conflict. Give an example of how your IQ and EQ work well together. Who inspires you and why? –

Get bandwidth back on updates

Windows 10 uses your network's bandwidth to help distribute updates to other connected Windows 10 devices. You can switch that off by opening the Action Center panel, clicking "All Settings," "Update and security," "Advanced options," and "Choose how updates are delivered." It could, however, slow delivery of your own updates. –

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