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tip of the day


There are ways to make your message stand out even in an age of information overload, especially with vividly apt illustrations, says Harvard Business Review. Generalizations and jargon typically are not the way.

"With so much information out there, getting your audience's attention is tough. But it is also essential. Consider these three things next time you craft a message that needs to be heard:

Make a comparison

Whether you are selling a product or making a point, remember that people like to draw connections. Help your audience understand by comparing your message to something else.

Piggyback on the familiar

Take something most people know and make it your own. Spinoffs of the 'Got Milk?' slogan have done this successfully.

Be specific

Use simple, specific details to solidify your point. These give your audience something to remember when you're no longer in front of them."

Today's management tip was adapted from Craft an Attention-Grabbing Message, by Kare Anderson.