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Juggling your time is a zero-sum game

Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, says your time is a zero-sum game: "When you say yes to one thing, you are simultaneously saying no to something else. The more successful you get, the more difficult this becomes. You find yourself saying no to good things – worthy things – in order to say yes to your most important priorities."


First comes e-mail, then comes 'remail'

Online marketing expert Michael Mothner urges you to use "remails." You can sometimes double your results by resending marketing e-mails that weren't opened to those same people – but using a radically different subject line.


Work colleagues aren't really family

Human resources blogger Laurie Ruettimann warns you not to share anything confidential with HR people, who she says are among the gossipiest people in the world – herself included. "If you want to believe that your colleagues are like your family, that's fine. Think of Human Resources as your gossipy aunt who is on the phone all day long," she writes. The Cynical Girl


Putting some fun into business travel

Samsonite Luggage has partnered with the Micro-Scooter Store to develop the Micro Samsonite Travel Scooter. It's a carry-on hard case that, rather than being pulled behind you, can easily be turned into a scooter that allows you to whiz across the airport terminal to your next flight. Donald Cooper Corp. Newsletter