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This is the latest news and information for workers and managers from across the Web universe, brought to you by Monday Morning Manager writer Harvey Schachter. Follow us on Twitter @Globe_Careers or join our Linked In group.

Workplace commitments
Consultant Elizabeth Doty says that leaders are sloppy at gaining commitment from others on tasks, settling for ambiguous signals or even failing to ask for a promise to act. At the same time, they should make it possible for others to say no to commitments they can't meet and let them propose their own solutions. Strategy+business

Customer insights
Invite a salesperson to your team meetings. If your group doesn't interact routinely with customers, consultant Art Petty says you may be losing track of the realities of competing in the marketplace. Let someone brief you on the latest customer insights. Management Excellence

Rudeness is common
Rudeness in the workplace is contagious. A study found that people who negotiated with someone rated as rude were more likely to be rude themselves later. Researcher Trevor Foulk says that although aggression and abuse in the workplace is relatively rare, rudeness is common, affects performance, and must be guarded against. Psyblog

When to lie in an interview
Entrepreneur Elliot Tomaeno says it's socially acceptable – and wise – to lie when you are asked in a job interview what you are currently earning. He claimed during one interview that he was making $70,000 when he was actually paid just $45,000 – and secured a $68,000 offer. Brazen Careerist

Tech tip
If you're experiencing blurred text in an app under Windows 10, tech writer Fatima Wahab says right click on the problematic app's icon, select properties, go to the compatibility tab and under settings check "disable display scaling on high DPI settings."

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