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If, like Montreal-based business coach Tanveer Naseer, you have been out in the garden lately, you have also been getting serendipitous lessons on how to be a better manager at work. On his blog, he offers these seeds:

Connect the changes you make with your overall vision : He wanted to transplant perennials to make space for new ones, but sensed his non-gardening wife wouldn't see the need for more plants. To get her on board, he moved the plants first, so she could understand his vision. Similarly, when making changes in your organization, connect them to a shared vision.

Make sure you put the right people in the right places : He had to find the right plants to fit into empty spaces, taking into account colour, blooming times, and need for sun and space. The office connection: "More often than not, the real talent-problem organizations face is not having their employees in the right positions where they can contribute the most to their organization's goals."

Give everyone the chance to contribute: Great gardens don't rely solely on eye-catching plants. They combine a variety of plants into a cohesive, impressive entity. Similarly, make sure you pay attention to all your employees, not just the stars.

Make sure you help employees succeed: Just as you fuss over what each plant needs to bloom properly, understand what your employees need to thrive.