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Marissa Mayer poses at Google's Mountain View, California headquarters, in this February 24, 2009, file photo. Mayer, who at the time served as Google's vice president of Search Products & User Experience, was named as Yahoo's CEO in a surprise announcement on July 16, 2012.NOAH BERGER/Reuters

New Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer's compensation package could total more than $70-million (U.S.) in salary, restricted stock, and stock options over five years, according to a regulatory filing made by the company Thursday.

Ms. Mayer's pay package is broken out into $1-million in annual salary and $42-million in stock options and other awards, as well as $14-million in "make whole restricted options" for forfeiture of compensation from Google Inc.

As the first female Google engineer and one of its earliest employees, Ms. Mayer's net worth is already estimated to be as much as $300-million.

Yahoo's hiring of Ms. Mayer as CEO from Google earlier this week caught analysts, investors, and even some employees by surprise. Ms. Mayer, 37, edged out presumed front-runner and acting CEO Ross Levinsohn to become Yahoo's third CEO in a year.

Industry observers believe Ms. Mayer's selection over Mr. Levinsohn is a signal that Yahoo is likely to renew its focus on Web technology and products rather than beefing up online content.

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