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Acquiring assets just the first step: Michael DellGautam Singh/Associated Press

Acquiring assets just the first step

Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell computers, says value doesn't come from acquiring companies but rather from what you do with them: "We look at over 250 companies a year to fill gaps we have identified in our product lines. We then generally partner with many of them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and then purchase the few that make sense for us to own."

Don't mess with fonts in PowerPoint show

Arial, Calibri and other built-in fonts for Microsoft PowerPoint are so familiar they seem boring, and you may be tempted to download an unusual font from an online typography site. But presentations expert Dave Paradi, of Mississauga, Ont., warns against doing that. He notes that if you don't use your own computer at the presentation and rely on a USB stick, the font might not be recognized by the host computer and your words will be gobbledygook. Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

An appreciated spouse good for the career

The day after Mother's Day – which happens to be today – is reportedly the second-most popular day of the year for women to sign up on Ashley Madison, a website that serves married people seeking to have an affair. Career writer Penelope Trunk argues that this also shows Mother's Day is a career issue, because if your relationship goes sour, your life may dramatically change and your career may suffer. "If you want to keep your career options open, tell your spouse you appreciate her," she advises. Penelope

Need a flow chart? Yes, there's an app

Dia is a powerful but easy-to-use application for creating flow charts and diagrams.

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