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The Manager

Delaying exit interivews Add to ...


Why did they quit? Ask in a few months

Because departing employees are often too nice when they're asked to do exit interviews, some companies are hiring third parties to conduct interviews several months after the former employees have left the firm. From this distance, the exit interviews provide greater candour and more valuable insights. Professor Michael Roberto's blog


Paradigms of logic and their risks

Customer loyalty consultants Chip Bell and John Patterson note that all organizations operate with three paradigms: the logic of numbers, the logic of machines, and the logic of people.

Most leaders have their feet in more than one paradigm, but a company or industry can be dominated by one factor - the financial world by the logic of numbers, for example, and the technology world by the logic of machines.

The consultants warn that leaders too caught up in one particular type of logic can fumble their customer service. Change This Manifestos


Caution ahead: software at work

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz believes that software is eating the world, taking over industry after industry.

Next will be oil and gas (new finds are increasingly software driven, he notes); financial services (using integrated software platforms); and local businesses (taking advantage of services such as online discount coupon site Groupon). Ben's Blog


Colour-coded gadget organization

Consultant Audrey Thomas recommends Built's Cargo Travel organizer, which carries all your electronic adapters and charges in one pack, with four colour-coded interior compartments, making it easy to see what you may have missed. SellingToBigCompanies.com

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