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How to lighten your e-mail load (Jupiterimages/Jupiterimages)
How to lighten your e-mail load (Jupiterimages/Jupiterimages)

How to lighten your e-mail load Add to ...

Forget e-mail cc’s and empower staff

Did you hear the story about the VP of a high-tech Fortune 500 company whose e-mail inbox was almost always empty? It isn’t an urban myth. Consultant Nathan Zeldes says the secret was that the senior executive insisted employees not copy him on anything they could handle without him, empowering them to do their jobs. --Challenge Information Overload blog

Make an impact: Cut back on details

Audiences often complain about information overload in presentations. No matter how brilliant and thorough your analysis, Ontario-based PowerPoint expert Dave Paradi says you should be sparing with details. Stick to the conclusions you reached; any details offered should be about things that might have a significant impact on the conclusion. If you expect questions that require more detail, prepare other slides for use in the Q&A period. -- Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint blog

Anxious negotiatorsget worse results

A study by Alison Wood Brooks and Maurice Schweitzer of the Wharton School found that negotiators who feel anxious expect lower outcomes, make lower first offers, respond more quickly to offers, quit the bargaining situation sooner, and ultimately obtain worse outcomes. -- Wharton School

No clock or watch? No problem

TickTalker is a small shareware application that will call out the time to you at the half hour or hour, using the Windows default voice. -- Online Tech Tips

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