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It's all about you

Your touchstone for every meeting this week should be the question: What do you want the meeting to do?

Source: Plan and Conduct Effective Meetings

Technology: help or hinder?

Only one-third of Canadians believe portable technology is helping them to work more effectively. Four in ten disagree, while a further 27 per cent offer a neutral assessment.

Source: RBC Workplace Survey

Help your customers

Looking for an edge? Consultant Jeff Mowatt suggests in a world where items we buy come in oversized industrial packaging that's difficult to open and with lengthy manuals impossible to read, try to give your customers a hassle-free buying experience.

Source: Influence With Ease newsletter

Do Not e-disturb me

On deadline days, careers writer Marci Alboher puts up an electronic version of a "do not disturb sign," not sending e-mail so she will receive less, not responding to answers on LinkedIn, and not making or taking phone calls until finished.

Source: New York Times

The two sides of shoppers

Traditionally five out of ten customers will be in transactional shopping mode, looking for facts and prices while the other five are in relational shopping mode, looking for a pleasant shopping experience, according to consultant Roy H. Williams. He says Starbucks has found it has sold all the coffee it can relationally and must figure out how to appeal to the other market with the information, facts, details, and prices they expect. Which shoppers do you need to appeal to?

Source: Monday Morning Memo

Trouble-free indents

To avoid having your entire paragraph indent when you press the tab key in Microsoft Word, pick AutoCorrect from the Tools menu, select the Autoformat As You Type tab, and make sure the Set Left- and First-Indent With Tabs and Backspace option is cleared.

Source: Allen Wyatt's WordTips


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