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(Wolfgang Amri/iStockphoto)
(Wolfgang Amri/iStockphoto)

The Manager

Why bigger isn't always better Add to ...

Bigger isn't always better

We hear about economies of scale - the benefits of being larger. But what about economies of small? Entrepreneur Seth Godin suggests it's likely that less overhead and a more focused approach will lead to greater profit, and if your goal is to make more "art" - better products, for example - ridding yourself of scale and obligations may help. "Don't be small because you can't figure out how to get big. Consider being small because it might be better," he advises. Seth's blog

Problem solving from a distance

Author Dan Pink suggests that when you are stuck trying to deal with a problem, trade with a colleague and see if each of you can solve the other's dilemma. Or pretend you are solving the problem on behalf of someone else and see if that psychological distance unlocks a solution. DanPink.com

Put some oomph into your website

Montreal-based communications consultant Lynda Goldman says the "About" page is the second most-visited page on your website's home page. But often it's limp, without much of a message. Have a goal for the page, such as signing visitors up for a newsletter or calling you for a free consultation. Instead of a laundry list of accomplishments, offer a story. Lynda Goldman's Communication Capsules

Shareware adds muscle to mouse

Get more out of the right-click button on your mouse with Moo0 Right Clicker shareware. It offers you more choices on the context menu, including undoing a renaming of files and whether to delete something permanently or to send it to the trash bin. Online Tech Tips

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