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When Wharton Professor Adam Grant added one sentence to his annual class discussion on the underrepresentation of women in major leadership roles – "I don't ever want to see this happen again" – the number of female MBA students seeking leadership positions on campus climbed 65 per cent. The New York Times

When unsure, ask for direction

Writer Ian Bogost says an FYI e-mail with the injunction "see below" and no specific directions can't be ignored, but leaves the recipient uncertain how to act. The only move is to play dumb, asking the sender to clarify, precisely, the enclosed information and how best to move. The Atlantic

Know your failings to dodge defeat

In an era of focusing on strengths, Right Management consultant Steve Doerflein urges us to remember Achilles' heel and how one vulnerability led to the mighty warrior's death. Research and experience coaching leaders reveals there are certain self-defeating traits – derailers – and situational triggers that must be addressed for success. Right Management Talent + Work Blog

Look further afield for novel ideas

Researchers who recruited roofers, carpenters and inline skaters to find out why they were reluctant to use their industry's safety gear found each group significantly better at thinking of novel solutions for the other fields than its own. The lesson: Seek innovation from experts in analogous fields. Harvard Business Review Blogs

Delete cookies to nab the cheapest flight

To prevent airlines from charging higher prices when you return to check out a flight, delete cookies from your browser's history, writer John Brandon suggests.

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