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Make every day New Year's Day, seeking the vigour that comes with a fresh start. Wharton School Professor Katherine Milkman has found that you can consciously infuse that momentum into an otherwise mundane day by granting it special status. The impact can be short or, like Jan. 1, longer. Strategy + business

These industries vulnerable to change

The industries plagued with the most uncertainty, based on technological and demand factors determined by academics Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr and consultant Curtis Lefrandt, are: Medical equipment, computers, software, pharmaceutical products, measuring and control equipment, machinery, agriculture, electronic equipment, chemicals, and electrical equipment. Harvard Business Review Blogs

The optimum ratio of work to breaks

For highest productivity, you should work for 52 minutes at a time with a 17-minute break, a study by social networking firm Draugiem Group of its own employees suggests. The breaks were not at the computer but taking a walk, chatting with colleagues about non-work matters, or reading a book.

Cutting executive pay can backfire

Slashing CEO pay seems a logical response to poor corporate results in a pay-for-performance era. But beware. Research by academics Gerald Lobo, Hariom Manchiraju and Sri S. Sridharan found that tends to lead to earnings manipulation afterward to seemingly restore performance and thus restore their pay. American Accounting Association

Keep your Android device humming

An Android device needs to be tuned up now and then, like a personal computer. As well as deleting unused apps, you may want to try All-in-One Toolbox, tech writer Nicholas Garcia suggests.

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