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Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith talks with quarterback Matt Ryan (2) during their NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers in San Diego, Calif. Sept. 23, 2012.Mike Blake/Reuters

Keep your team motivated with tips from NFL

Mike Smith, coach of the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons, created a no-complaining rule at training camp. Jack del Rio, defensive co-ordinator of the Denver Broncos, put a "No Energy Vampires Allowed" sign on his door. Jon Gordon, who has advised NFL coaches, says keeping a team positive through adversity leads to success. Jon Gordon's Blog

Don't overlook the value of actual folders

Consultant Royale Scuderi suggest creating a meeting folder for your weekly staff gathering, in which you place all items that need to be discussed, issues that need to be handed off to subordinates, and reports that need to be given. Also, create a "Waiting on response" folder for the pile of papers on your desk that are on hold until someone else responds to a request or takes action.

There's a better way to offer congrats

When people get a promotion or similar good news, entrepreneur Seth Godin says that instead of offering "Congratulations," you should tell them person: "Well-deserved." This recognizes their efforts and the risks they took to get ahead. Save congratulations, he argues, for someone who wins a lottery. Seth's Blog

A grammar checker for numbers in Word

Microsoft Word's grammar checker can examine your documents to determine when numbers should be spelled out and when they can be numerals. For Word 2007, click the Office button, Word Options, and the Proofing Options of the resulting dialogue box. Click the settings box and in the dialogue box for Grammar Settings find the Numbers option and check it.

In older versions of Word, a similar process through the Spelling and Grammar tab in Options and the Settings button will do the trick. Allen Wyatt's WordTips