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If your new idea is a good one, entrepreneur Seth Godin says the response it should receive is "I don't like it" or "I don't understand it." Otherwise, it's probably popular and obvious – boring and banal – or promising such little benefit it's not worth pursuing. Seth's blog

Repeat to get your message across

As a history scholar, Harvard's Drew Gilpin Faust never repeated something after publishing it, in case people would feel she had nothing new to offer. But now, as university president, she says things over and over again, so the message is widely understood.

The weak point of Web ads

Ad consultant Bob Hoffman says TV and radio are best at creating demand while the Web is best at fulfilling demand. While more people are venturing online for news, that doesn't make it a good advertising medium – just as the first telephone was popular for communications but lousy for advertisers. Monday Morning Memo

All together now, think teamwork

Psychologist Heidi Grant Halverson says you can motivate your employees with one word: Together. Study participants who were told they were working on a problem together but who actually worked in a room alone toiled longer and solved more problems than individuals not given a togetherness prompt. Harvard Business Review Blogs

Illustrate your idea with Diagrammer

Presentations expert Dave Paradi says when you need to show a sequence or a relationship between two entities, skip Microsoft SmartArt and use, choosing from 14 possible relationships.

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