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Timeless advice

Stop looking at the clock, advises productivity writer Adam Dachis. Being ignorant of the time will help to keep you on task.

When costs count

Marketing guru Seth Godin notes that if you sell at the top of the market - luxury travel, or financial services to the wealthy, for example - you may be tempted to figure out ways to cut costs and boost the bottom line. He says the goal should be to raise costs, not reduce them, since it distinguishes you from competitors and gives clients the service they will treasure and can afford to pay for. Seth's Blog

Power and influence

When you become a leader, consultant Wally Bock notes, your power goes down, since the group determines whether you will be successful. But when you become a leader, your influence goes up, as others pay attention to what you say or do. Three Star Leadership Blog

Go light on details

The tendency in selling is to try to deluge prospects with every detail and argument you can, whether it's a written brochure or a voice-mail message for a new prospect. Instead, marketing consultant Drew McLellan says, be brave enough not to tell the whole story. Tell them the most important thing, and then shut up. Too many details clog the brain; you really want to connect with the heart. Drew's Marketing Minute

Windows tip

You can increase your browsing speed under Windows XP Professional by 20 per cent by siphoning bandwidth reserved for Windows Updates. Go to Start>Run and type in gpedit.msc. Expand the Administrative Templates selection, then the Network tab, and select Qos Packet Scheduler. Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth and check the "Enabled" selection box. Change the Bandwidth limit to 0 per cent; click Apply, and restart the computer. Neat Net Tricks Premium Edition

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