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Power points: Walking the halls for a moment of peace

Pick a hallway at work through which you will try to practise walking meditation.

Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail/Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

Walking the halls for mindful moments

Janice Marturano, a vice-president at General Mills Inc. and founder of the Institute for Mindful Leadership, suggests picking a hallway at work through which you will always try to practise walking meditation, noticing the sensations of your body, the colours and the smells. If your mind is pulled to your next meeting or your last e-mail, return it to the present – and, of course, don't take any cellphone calls. (


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Signs of excellence go beyond working

Oren Jacob, the former chief technical officer of Pixar, says the company looks for an example of excellence when hiring somebody. That excellence could be in anything – gardening, cooking or jujitsu. The reasoning is that having tasted excellence, the person will know how to get there again.


No-interruption zone will focus your work

Create a no-interruption hour every day, one that you block out in your calendar and use for focused work, suggests organizing expert Jeff Doubek. Day-Timer blog


Formatting e-mails in Microsoft Word

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If you want to fix the formatting of e-mails you have pasted into Microsoft Word, select all the copy and then press CTR+Alt+K, which should work about 90 per cent of the time. The technique also can be used when you want to print out an e-mail without wasting space because it only uses part of the page. Allen Wyatt's WordTips

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