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A man procrastinates by listening to music at work.David Broberg/Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Consultant Mary Jo Asmus says procrastination can be a verb, an action we take rather than something we fall into. And it can be positive, allowing us to reduce stress by putting something off, or secure time for thought, leading to better actions in the end. Aspire Blog

All that typing sure adds up

You probably write about 41,000 words a year in e-mails. That estimate, from personal assistant app Cue, leads Atlantic magazine staff writer Megan Garber to calculate you write a novel a year, slightly longer than The Old Man and the Sea, slightly shorter than The Great Gatsby. But only one person reads that novel in full – you. The

35% off? 50% more? Go for the big number

Research shows that when consumers are offered a price cut of 35 per cent, or a 50-per-cent bonus pack – essentially the same bargain, mathematically – the bonus pack sells 70 per cent more product. Marketing consultant Roger Dooley says the lesson is to structure a promotion in terms of the biggest percentage possible. Neuroscience Marketing Blog

Go beyond feedback. Seek ways to improve

Entrepreneur Ben Casnocha says that when you are seeking feedback, don't ask people whether they like something (your project or presentation, for example). Instead, ask how they would improve it.

Specific chargers work more quickly

Tech writer Richard Baguley says the quickest way to charge your tablet is with the original charger or one designed for your device, rather than a charger borrowed from another device. But most cellphones don't need a specific charger, because their batteries are smaller.

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