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Instead of the normal linear format for your to-do list, write each task on a separate sticky note and place the most pressing one in the centre of a piece of paper, surrounded in a circle by the rest. If possible, consultant Peter Economy says, narrow the list to a few items.

Be the best boss you can be

To be a manager with class, the authors of The First-Time Manager, recommend treating people with dignity, not rationalizing your mistakes, displaying loyalty to your staff, recognizing that the best way to build yourself is to build others, and not taking action when angry. Eric Jacobson on Management

Clarify the content of videos at the start

Consultant Randall Craig notes that people consume information by scanning. So in videos, ensure the user knows the agenda at the start, either by directly stating it or using a background or overlay. A summary near the beginning and the end also helps expose the viewer to the entire message.

You're only as good as your worst workers

Measure your own performance by your lowest performer, consultant Alison Green says. Managers are tempted to judge themselves by what their top performers achieve, but the poorest ones show what quality you accept on your team and whether you tackle problems head-on, even if it means difficult conversations. Intuit's Fast Track Blog

Turn your tablet into a scanner

CamScanner is an app that will allow you to use your phone or tablet as a scanner while on the move and away from the office, advises tech writer Mustafa Amer. It has a free version, and a professional one with more functionality.

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