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Don't allow negativity about customers to be shared internally, Ottawa consultant Colleen Francis says. She recalls a boss whose rule was: The first time caught speaking negatively about a customer, you were warned; the second time, written up; and the third time, fired. Success requires a positive customer experience. Engage Selling

Set the bar higher for poor performers

This is a good time to address performance issues with subordinates. Blogger Eric Jacobson recommends being specific about what needs to change, allowing time for that to sink in; setting expectations and a time frame for improvement; and letting the individual know he is valued. Eric Jacobson on Management

Crucial questions employers should ask

Consultant Sam Geist suggests employees would like to be asked how rewarding they find their job and how could it be made more so; whether they feel management decisions being made relate positively to them and their responsibilities; and how well corporate decisions benefit them. Quick Bites Newsletter

Build a pyramid of expertise

To tap the expertise of individuals in other fields – a great way of innovating – academics Marion Poetz and Reinhard Pruegl suggest identifying people with some knowledge of a topic and asking them who might know even more, continuing that process until you scale the pyramid of expertise. Harvard Business Review Blogs

Track your sleep to awake refreshed

Entrepreneur Devin Voorsanger handles his night owl tendencies and need to be up early with the Sleep As Android App, which tracks his REM sleep to wake him at an optimal time.