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Six ‘magical moments’ to boost staff morale

The team you lead craves time with you, advises consultant Monica Wofford. On Linked2Leadership, she presents six "magical moments that might produce even more magical results":

Tell them what they're doing well: Take time to praise staff for even the smallest improvements, since that will encourage them to repeat those praiseworthy behaviours.

Tell them where they need to grow: If your team is ambitious, they want to grow, and your advice can help to set the stage.

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Give them career guidance: Help them to find the roles that will make the most of their skills while allowing them to flourish. Not everyone wants to climb the ladder; some prefer lateral moves that challenge them.

Give them a challenge: Help those who are performing well to stretch their skills and gain new abilities by taking on new challenges. This will elevate the performance and results of the entire team, Ms. Wofford says.

Find out what's broken: The rumour mill churns with the truth about what's not working well, and you're probably excluded from that conversation. Take time to ask team members you trust about what is broken, and then act to fix the problem.

Spend time connecting: Move beyond directives and brief check-ins to connecting at a deeper level with your team. "Not every moment or meeting needs to be about what to do next and there is value in spending the time getting to know those who do the work," she advises.

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