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Neck muscles show strain whether the tablet is held flat or at a low or high angle.Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Sore neck? Your tablet may be to blame

Research shows that using your tablet increases mechanical demand on neck muscles by three to five times more than a normal position. The impact was felt whether the tablet case was tilted at a low or high angle, or if the device was flat on users' laps. It occurred whether typing or reading. Ergonomics journal

The best leaders show restraint

Bryant University Professor Michael Roberto says great leaders show restraint by not stating their position at the outset of a decision-making process, instead asking their team to discuss the issue. They also do not react immediately when someone offers an idea or alternative, turning instead to other team members for thoughts. Professor Michael Roberto's Blog

Co-operation puts chaos in its place

In a seminar, 100 participants wrote their name on balloons, which were collected and jumbled. When asked to find the balloon with their name on it, chaos reigned, until the group worked as a team, with participants picking up any balloon and giving it to the person named. Working as one, the task was quickly completed.

Cut hiring time with longer interviews

Organizations that were quicker to fill positions cut the time the hiring manager spent reviewing applications from 42 per cent of the hiring process to 32 per cent, and doubled the time interviewing to 30 per cent from 15 per cent, compared with slower-moving organizations. ICIMS Inc.

Create spreadsheets on your phone

Airtable is an app that reinvents the spreadsheet for mobiles, allowing users to create their own fields, co-operate with colleagues better, and incorporate images and video from services like Dropbox.

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