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Track your leaders by their 'coaching trees'iStockPhoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto

In sports, business consultant Wally Bock notes, there are "coaching trees," such as the fact that in 1998, 50 per cent of active NFL coaches had worked under Tom Landry or Bill Walsh, or someone who had learned from those football icons.

Mr. Bock says it's important to know who are the talented bosses in your organization, the ones who have that kind of long-term impact with their leadership tree's branches. Three Star Leadership Blog

Don't talk shop outside your shop

When meeting with customers or potential business partners away from your office, don't discuss your impressions of the meeting with your colleagues until the elevator has reached the bottom floor and you are walking out of the building – even if nobody was on the elevator with you. Don't risk damaging your reputation by rehashing the conversation as soon as you walk away, advises Eliza Browning, vice-president of Crane Digital.

Tracking social media? Check out the URLs

Entrepreneur and blogger James Altucher says the extent to which social media has changed business is shown by the fact about half the companies advertising during the Super Bowl this year put their Facebook page URLs instead of their actual company website. James

Get out your mouse, colour your folders

Folder Colorizer is shareware that allows you to change the colours of all the folders in windows, using pre-selected colours or colours you customize yourself.