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Business Man with Boxing GlovesAndrea Zanchi

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Start Monday morning with a fight. That unconventional advice, from Bain & Company's global strategy practice leader James Allen, counters the tendency of small firms, as they grow, to shun conflict, leaving issues simmering under the surface. Hold a Monday morning meeting to address organizational obstacles hindering employee effectiveness. Blogs

What's holding you back?

Entrepreneur Seth Godin suggests probing the fear that is holding you and your colleagues back: "This is the cause of the unfinished novel, of the self-sabotaging aggressive marketing campaign and the speech that goes on too long. It's at the heart of too much, too little, and too boring as well." Seth's Blog

Make your point

Advertising consultant Roy H. Williams says a good ad makes a single point – powerfully – while a bad ad sounds like a grocery list. Your strategy should be to win not only the mind but the heart as well – to have the prospective customer feel good about your offering. Monday Morning Memo

Just be better

Inc. columnist Jeff Haden urges you to stop describing yourself as "world class" – leave that to sprinter Usain Bolt or tennis player Serena Williams, who have medals to prove it. Also, drop "innovative," since most people aren't and it's not necessary for success; you need to be better, not new.

Built-in defragmenter

Looking for a good app to defragment your Windows hard drive? Tech blogger Aseem Kishore surprises by recommending Windows' built-in tool, in Windows 7 called Disk Defragmenter and in Windows 8 and higher named Optimize Drives. By default, it's scheduled to run once a week, keeping your drive optimum. Online Tech Tips

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