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tip of the day

The majority of leaders could benefit from improving their assertiveness – not the irritating, pushy kind, but rather the positive skills that can help you lead change and, importantly, act with integrity, says Harvard Business Review.

"Assertiveness often gets a bad rap. People who are self-confident and forceful can be cast as pushy and annoying. But when balanced with other critical skills, being assertive can help you excel at other things:

Fostering teamwork

Teams thrive when their members are able to express not-always-popular points of view. Use your self-confidence to set a tone that allows other people to speak up.

Leading change

Constructive change requires bold moves. Be assertive and break through the resistance that often arises during a change effort.

Acting with integrity

When coupled with honesty, assertiveness gives you the courage to stand up for what you know is right."

Today's management tip was adapted from The One Skill All Leaders Should Work On, by Scott Edinger.