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Harried? Schedule five minutes after each meeting to calm yourself. Just observe every thought as it arises, breathe in meditatively, and then wait for the next one to roll in. Allow five minutes of calm. Delivering Happiness newsletter

Improve retention with Check In

Adobe's new performance management system, Check In, has employees set goals at the start of the year and at least every eight weeks discuss progress with their boss. At the end of the year the manager gives out raises and bonuses at a rewards check-in. Retention of top employees has improved.

Schedule mornings for yourself

Top leaders take time for themselves every morning, be it exercising, meditation or journaling, notes Toronto-based consultant Sam Geist. They eat breakfast, providing fuel for the day. They take time every day to catch up with team members, understanding what's happening, and regularly ask what can be done better. Quick Bites Newsletter

Set fewer priorities for best results

Entrepreneur Conor Neill says busy people have many priorities while productive people have few. Busy people say yes quickly; productive people say yes slowly. Busy people focus on action; productive people focus on clarity before action. Busy people talk about how little time they have; productive people make time for what's important.

Get quick feedback from audience members

Tech blogger Fatima Wahab recommends using Participoll's free plan for spicing up presentations and making them more interactive. You can ask questions during the talk and get immediate results from audience members with a mobile and Internet connection.

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