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Negotiations expert James Camp says the emotion that is most problematic in trying to reach a deal is neediness. It can lead, for example, to begging instead of persuading; close mindedness, because you already know what you must have; and pressing to close the deal prematurely.

Heading off those pesky time thieves

Veteran time-effectiveness expert Harold Taylor, of Brampton, Ont., suggests you keep a tally sheet of how often various people interrupt you. Talk to the biggest time thieves to determine the reason, and ask for suggestions on how you can each save time. Business In Motion blog

Spot spelling mistakes by reading backward

Mississauga-based presentations expert Dave Paradi warns that spelling mistakes on a PowerPoint presentation can make you look foolish. To catch them, read the words of your slide in reverse order, which prevents your brain from anticipating the next word so you pay more attention. Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Is business travel really worth the cost?

Entrepreneur James Altucher says – presumably with some exaggeration – that he has a rule never to travel on business, since you never make a dime when you travel on business. The Altucher Confidential Blog

Keep it simple with this text editor

HR writer Laurie Ruettimann challenges you to try to write your staff communications on the Up Goer Five website's text editor, which warns if you have chosen a word that is not among the 100 most commonly used in English. Cynical Girl Blog

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